Part 1:
Entering the country was interesting. First time in, we had our car pulled over at the border and all our documents, papers and car were searched through extensively. We were there for about an hour where every single bag had to be searched, all whilst what was clearly a rabid dog walked around a carpark no more than 20 metres away from us.

The landscape in Bosnia is pretty barron. Good to look at for a minute, but very repetative.

Mostar Bridge

We stopped for lunch in this place called Mostar. It has a famous bridge and is the only tourist place in the country. Food was great, weather was scortching and we sat and had lunch over looking the famous bridge and wonderful river.

Each year they hold diving competitions off the birdge, the water looks so refreshing im tempted for next year!

Part 2:

Bosnia Border Crossing

This time we had to pass through Bosnia to get into Serbia. At the border we were stopped again and asked for our insurnace green card… which we don’t have. This meant we had to wait 2 hours for the insurance guy to show up and sell us car insurance for us to allowed into the country.

It did provide some time for us to bond with the border guards. We chatted about all sorts…. Extreme sports, the war, knife fights, shooting Rus and our trip. I even got to chit-chat a little in German with one of the guards who was allegedly from Germany.

Overall… the country is pants.

Everywhere is ridden with signs of war. Virtually every building in the cities we past through have bullet holes over it. Tonnes of HUGE buildings are just deserted and let derelict. Roads are horrible…. but better maintained than Brighton.

I don’t think I’ll be going back to Bosnia.

Split, Croatia

After blitzing it down from Slovenia, we ended up in Split, Croatia in the evening.

We decided we’d take the coastal road to our Croatia destinations, as it’s supposed to be beautiful. Everyone was right. The drive down to Split was excellent, good tunes playing, sun was out, it was insanely hot and the coastal sights were outstanding.

In between the coastal route we ended up driving through the mountains as well. The landscape is pretty baron, and majority of coast line is rocky, as opposed to sand…. so not a country I’d like to live in, but still beautiful and worth visiting.

We took the longer route, but was worth it.


We arrived at our apartment we rented around 8pm. We chose this one as its 2 minutes from the beach and nightlife, so as soon as we arrived Andy and I got into our swim gear and headed down to the beach to have a quick swim during the sunset. Rus had got bitten by a dog virtually as soon as we arrived in Split, so he stayed in the apartment and researched hospitals so he could get double checked for rabies… better safe than sorry.

On our return, a quick power nap, shower and we were ready to head out the eat and enjoy the night life. Rus headed off to hospital and joined us later.

Andy and I headed into town and very quickly befriended two girls who guided us on a 20 minute walk to a resturant they recommended. They were fantastic and so was their choice in resturant.

Arroba Marual Resurant

This place was AMAZING. Food was a little pricey (we’re still used to budapest prices… but it was good value in comparison to UK).

We sat outside, enjoyed the cool evening temprature and live local band bucking in the square around the corner.

We ordered a seafood platter with a variety of sides and… wow. It was absolutely fantastic… If I was a meal… I’d be exactly what we ordered.


Overall. Split was AWESOME.

We met up with the girls we met earlier and walked with them 20 minutes to the beach bar terrace area which is the notorious night life area for the locals.

We spent the night in the terrace bars partying it up and had an epic time. 1/2 the girls there were literally 6ft models and they had professional bikini dancers outside.

Travellers mixed with locals are literally the best fun you can have in a night club.

We’ve decided to move to budapest, but incorpoate a weekend in Split every month or so.


We got to Ljubljana, Slovenia around 6pm and headed off to check into a hostel. We tried one that looked like it was ghetto central. Thankfully it was full. Two hostels later, we were told only 1 had beds for the night. We left our car by the river and walked for 10 minutes down the river, which seemed to be the main focal point of the city… to the hostel.

Alibi Hostel

20 Euroes a night for prison conditions. Madness… but it beats sleeping in the car. I had to share a room with 4 french loud douchebags and a stonned American guy. Who’s conversation went as far as… “I flew to India from America but didn’t have a visa… So I got sent back home… And that’s how I ended up here” …. riiiiiiiight…. Americans!

Hostel was horrible, proper slum. Shower heads were broken so it was just a hose, toilet doors with no locks…. and surrounded by riff-raff.

I now know what life is like on the other side.

We did however meet a lovely girl from holland who was travelling by herself and joined us for a night out.

We ate at a resturant on the side of the river and I enjoyed beer and an amazing posh ocotopus dish over looking a beautiful river surrounded by bars and fantastic eye candy. I can’t get over how insanely stunning every girl is here. It’s like leaving england is the equivilent of taking the red pill in the matrix.

Skeleton Bar

After dinner we headed to a famous Skeleton bar. It’s up a cobbled street with tiny stone heads in the centre.

The skeleton bar is small, but filled with various real and fake skeletons. You enter and walk down some stone steps with skeletons in the walls. Freaky.

When you enter the bar area, theres a glass floor with a half excavated skeleton lying there. Various skeletons in cages are dotted around the bar.

Their shot menu was extensive with some insane sounding shots… and with 2-4-1 cocktails you can’t go wrong.

The bottom of the menu it says “If the waiter doesn’t bring you a bill, you’re not obliged to pay” AWESOME. Our waiter did though 🙁

We sadly ended up being joined by a very drunk, overweight slovenian dude who did nothing for 30 minutes except mistake everything we said as an insult and assuring us he was not an idiot or dumb. Talk about self esteem issues, jeese.

We were joined by another 2 english girls who we chatted with for about an hour. Afterwards we decided to move to another bar for a final drink. The two girls were very keen on getting us to a club with them. However me and Rus weren’t in the mood for clubbing… plus the girls were english and we werent ready to re-enter the matrix. We headed off back to the hostel at 1am which is when the entire city (minus only a handful of bars/clubs) shutdown! 1Am and it was totally dead. Madness.

The lack of intense nightlife and the price of everything has taken Slovenia off the possible relocation list. Even though its cheaper than england… this place doesnt compare to budapest.

The drive in and our of Slovenia was awesome. The views are spectacular. Lovely country roads, mountains and great scenery.

20120724-105247.jpg20120724-105309.jpg20120724-105321.jpg20120724-105343.jpgSlovenia nightlife after 1am!


We thought prague was epic… then we discovered budapest in hungary. This place has blown our minds, to the degree we’ve spent the last couple of mornings researching apartments for long term rental after deciding we’re living here next year.

This city is cheap and incredible. The scenery is interesting, tonnes of historic buildings line the streets but over time have turned slightly ghetto. There’s a few absolutely stunning buildings and sights to be seen around the city, but like most tourist cities, these are scarce and dotted around. Everyone here also speaks english which helps massively. Even the locals, so socialising is easy.

Most importantly, the women here are so stunning it’s hard to process. My brain has been in overload since prague with trying to cope the sheer beauty of literally everyone.

We stayed in a hostel while here… my first time in a hostel, you know the type you share a room with other people. I’ve become riff-raff! It was actually good as we met other rallies there and teamed up with a group of irish girls for a night out. Hostels are very sociable, I’m thinking we’ll be sticking to this idea for most of the trip.

Szechenyi Bath house

This was absolutely perfection. The budapest bath houses are built on the roman bath house ideas. You have multiple pools indoor and out all with various temperatures. There’s also massages, suanas, jacuzzi, ice bath and even a whirl pool for the less mature of us.

I absolutely loved this place. We basked in the sun, enjoyed every one of the facilities and spent the whole time surrounded again by the most beautiful girls I’ve seen. Literally everyone here could be a model, it’s madness…. so I think i’ll fit in well if I move here.

Downside is, being a guy… swimming trunks aren’t the most discreet item of clothing to wear when surrounded with bikini babes.

I can’t speak for the others, but it was certainly long and hard work to constantly be suppressing what could be a embarrassing moment.

The entire hardship of the trip so far was totally worth it, just to spent 5 hours in the Szechenyi bath house.

Night life

As you know my life revolves around night life. Part the reason I’m on this trip.

Night life in budapest is quite possibly 60-70% better than Brighton. Budapest is a party city. Fact.

Its full of tourists just looking to let loose and everyone is up for pushing the boundries of whats socially acceptable and have an adventure. Plus, as I said… everyone speaks english, even the locals.

Each night we found the best bars in our area (after going to a salsa night for Andy). Budapest is big on what they call “ruin bars”. Bars that are essentially converted court yards from old historic buildings… little bit grimey but with style.

With our nights out in Brighton, those who join know that we OWN every single night we’re out and this skill is universal … and for the pua guys reading.. so is “the spin” 😉 It was very easy to completely own the bars we were in and become the centre of the party…. (tourists are pussies!) I can only imagine the carnage if all the crew joined for a night out in budapest!

Did I mention its cheap? Also, budapest serve beer thats brewed a different way using less chemicals. I’ve been blitzing it each night and woken up with minimal hangover. Also, drinks like bacardi and coke… served in pint glasses, not the pathetic english sizes!

Budapest know how to party.

Day 2: Journey to Prague

Seeing as I got the most sleep, it seemed fitting I continued the drive in the morning.

Before we left we also stole a towel and toilet role. Why? Because we’re badass! … and forgot to pack them before we left :/

After an early start we got to our destination at around 2pm! “THE RACE TRACK AWAITS” we thought! “The TomTom wouldn’t betray us” we thought.

Turns out… Nuremburg and the nurenbergring race track are 2 completely different things. We were 300 miles off course. Nuremburg as it turns out, is a town/city that was big on its nazi rallies and not as it turns out where the famous race track is.

On the drive down, I was on boob watch so we could use the megaphone as intended… to encourage girls to flash us their boobs as we drove past. Figured it would makes the motorway driving more exciting. As our luck would have it though, it seems cars filled with super hot bikini babes don’t take the AutoBahn to historic nazi rally sites. Better luck in Russia perhaps.
However, we made the most of a bad situation and grabbed a chinese, used their wifi and did a spot of work and booked our hotel in prague tonight! I also found out I’ve ordering rabbit for years in german speaking countries, as opposed to chicken. Chicken is Hahn, not Kaninchen!

So far we’ve:

  • Driven blindfolded
  • Potentially damaged our fan belt
  • Endured an alarm every 9 minutes
  • Used our megaphone LIKE A BOSS!
  • Driven 300 miles off course
  • Accidentally visited a historic nazi rally location
  • Practised our german
  • Maxed out our car at a whopping 92mph!!!! COME ON!
  • Made a complete hash of everything
  • Not been asked for our passports once!

We blitzed it to Prague, so we had enough time for an epic night out… before we explore the city and have the castle party the following night!

Sadly no pictures today, as I need to charge my iphone.

Prague is outstanding, city is beautiful and the girls are even more so.

We found a wicked hostel for only 20 euro each a night, with wifi!

Once checked in, we headed out straight away! We popped into a czech resturant and had a whole meal of traditional food. Cabbage soup, beef goulash and strudel. Was delisious and SO cheap.

Then we explored the city a little, chatted to the support band for Marilyn Manson after the concert, had guys try to sell us crack and then hit up a club.

One of the girls in the club was telling us about hte glory of Budapest bath houses, so we’ve added that to our to-do list!

prague nightlife square

…. oh and Andy mistook the brake for the clutch. Essentially did ½ an emergency stop on the centre lane of the motorway. Luckily no cars behind, otherwise we could of died!

Smooth Andy 😉 … Think I’ll be driving the next.

Second Rabies Vaccination

Just been to the Sussex Travel Clinic for my second rabies vaccination! Feeling a bit poop but it had to be done!

Apparently I need to go back in 2 more weeks for my 3rd and final rabies vaccination and my 2nd and final tick encephalitis vaccination!

This will have totaled £250 worth of vaccinations and 7 injections specifically for this trip!!