Split, Croatia

After blitzing it down from Slovenia, we ended up in Split, Croatia in the evening.

We decided we’d take the coastal road to our Croatia destinations, as it’s supposed to be beautiful. Everyone was right. The drive down to Split was excellent, good tunes playing, sun was out, it was insanely hot and the coastal sights were outstanding.

In between the coastal route we ended up driving through the mountains as well. The landscape is pretty baron, and majority of coast line is rocky, as opposed to sand…. so not a country I’d like to live in, but still beautiful and worth visiting.

We took the longer route, but was worth it.


We arrived at our apartment we rented around 8pm. We chose this one as its 2 minutes from the beach and nightlife, so as soon as we arrived Andy and I got into our swim gear and headed down to the beach to have a quick swim during the sunset. Rus had got bitten by a dog virtually as soon as we arrived in Split, so he stayed in the apartment and researched hospitals so he could get double checked for rabies… better safe than sorry.

On our return, a quick power nap, shower and we were ready to head out the eat and enjoy the night life. Rus headed off to hospital and joined us later.

Andy and I headed into town and very quickly befriended two girls who guided us on a 20 minute walk to a resturant they recommended. They were fantastic and so was their choice in resturant.

Arroba Marual Resurant

This place was AMAZING. Food was a little pricey (we’re still used to budapest prices… but it was good value in comparison to UK).

We sat outside, enjoyed the cool evening temprature and live local band bucking in the square around the corner.

We ordered a seafood platter with a variety of sides and… wow. It was absolutely fantastic… If I was a meal… I’d be exactly what we ordered.


Overall. Split was AWESOME.

We met up with the girls we met earlier and walked with them 20 minutes to the beach bar terrace area which is the notorious night life area for the locals.

We spent the night in the terrace bars partying it up and had an epic time. 1/2 the girls there were literally 6ft models and they had professional bikini dancers outside.

Travellers mixed with locals are literally the best fun you can have in a night club.

We’ve decided to move to budapest, but incorpoate a weekend in Split every month or so.