We thought prague was epic… then we discovered budapest in hungary. This place has blown our minds, to the degree we’ve spent the last couple of mornings researching apartments for long term rental after deciding we’re living here next year.

This city is cheap and incredible. The scenery is interesting, tonnes of historic buildings line the streets but over time have turned slightly ghetto. There’s a few absolutely stunning buildings and sights to be seen around the city, but like most tourist cities, these are scarce and dotted around. Everyone here also speaks english which helps massively. Even the locals, so socialising is easy.

Most importantly, the women here are so stunning it’s hard to process. My brain has been in overload since prague with trying to cope the sheer beauty of literally everyone.

We stayed in a hostel while here… my first time in a hostel, you know the type you share a room with other people. I’ve become riff-raff! It was actually good as we met other rallies there and teamed up with a group of irish girls for a night out. Hostels are very sociable, I’m thinking we’ll be sticking to this idea for most of the trip.

Szechenyi Bath house

This was absolutely perfection. The budapest bath houses are built on the roman bath house ideas. You have multiple pools indoor and out all with various temperatures. There’s also massages, suanas, jacuzzi, ice bath and even a whirl pool for the less mature of us.

I absolutely loved this place. We basked in the sun, enjoyed every one of the facilities and spent the whole time surrounded again by the most beautiful girls I’ve seen. Literally everyone here could be a model, it’s madness…. so I think i’ll fit in well if I move here.

Downside is, being a guy… swimming trunks aren’t the most discreet item of clothing to wear when surrounded with bikini babes.

I can’t speak for the others, but it was certainly long and hard work to constantly be suppressing what could be a embarrassing moment.

The entire hardship of the trip so far was totally worth it, just to spent 5 hours in the Szechenyi bath house.

Night life

As you know my life revolves around night life. Part the reason I’m on this trip.

Night life in budapest is quite possibly 60-70% better than Brighton. Budapest is a party city. Fact.

Its full of tourists just looking to let loose and everyone is up for pushing the boundries of whats socially acceptable and have an adventure. Plus, as I said… everyone speaks english, even the locals.

Each night we found the best bars in our area (after going to a salsa night for Andy). Budapest is big on what they call “ruin bars”. Bars that are essentially converted court yards from old historic buildings… little bit grimey but with style.

With our nights out in Brighton, those who join know that we OWN every single night we’re out and this skill is universal … and for the pua guys reading.. so is “the spin” 😉 It was very easy to completely own the bars we were in and become the centre of the party…. (tourists are pussies!) I can only imagine the carnage if all the crew joined for a night out in budapest!

Did I mention its cheap? Also, budapest serve beer thats brewed a different way using less chemicals. I’ve been blitzing it each night and woken up with minimal hangover. Also, drinks like bacardi and coke… served in pint glasses, not the pathetic english sizes!

Budapest know how to party.