Mongol Rally 2012

The Intro…

This is going to BLOW YOUR MIND!

The 3 SEXIEST guys in history, are embarking on a 10,000+ mile trek to Mongolia in an effort to raise money for charity and promote your stuff!

Armed with nothing but a tonne of camping equipment, fancy technology, extreme wits & survival skills along with a fairly new 1ltr Suzuki Swift…… People are wondering… will we make it?!

Along the way we’ll be bringing you regular blog posts and video updates of our journeys progress.

The Mongol Rally…

The Mongol Rally runs each year and is the largest UK to Mongolia charity rally. On 14th July at Goodwood, UK the “Festival of Slow” will see only the bravest adventurers unite for the start of the 2012 Mongol Rally.

From Chichester, UK to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, there’s over 10,000 miles to cover. Once started, you’re entirely on your own! Relying only on your wits, vehicle and some good fortune, there’s no outside support from anyone.

The Charity…

This is a charity rally. 100% of the money you donate today goes straight to the charities!

The charities we’re raising money for are:

Lotus Children’s Centre Charitable Trust.
The first £500 raised goes towards the Lotus Children’s Centre Charitable Trust. They work with vulnerable children and families to provide the basic human rights of shelter, food and education. LCCT care for up to 150 abused, orphaned and abandoned children at any one time and can do with all the help they can get.

Cancer Research UK.
Cancer Research UK works tirelessly to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer along with pioneering research for all types of cancer.

None of the money raised goes into the pockets of team members.

The Team…

Rus, Andy and Dan. All enthusiastic, passionate people see this as a fantastic opportunity to raise money for charity, visit countries and of course provide a unique, fun and new way to market your products or services.