Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

I’ve heard so much good things about this place and have been looking forward to visiting it since the start.

The Ibiza of Europe

Sadly that’s exactly what this place is. Cheap, tacky and everyone there falls into one of three categories:

  • chavvy essex girls
  • chavvy angry guys
  • nervous timid 18yr old boys

The bikini babes are hot though!

Our plan was to stay two nights here, but half way through our first night we decided we’d leave in the morning. We bar hopped for a bit, although the entire place was a massive sausage fest.

We even had a go at an air rifle range and being the insane marksman that I am got an epic score and grouping….. whilst drunk!

As some of you have already figured out, we blog stories are censored (parents, sponsors, etc)…. so ask me for full versions!

Rus and I stumped into the hotel around 4am, got 4 hours sleep then had to head off to leave for Turkey.

Peak season, with a uninjured leg Sunny beach might actually be good. But not a place I’ll be revisiting anytime soon.