Entering Serbia was fine, we managed to get in without car insurance and spent the first hour or so driving through a very scenic mountain route.

Insane Injury

I really needed to pee and take over the driving, so we pulled up at this… what may have been this abondoned petrol station/shop. I got out and walked round the corner. On the way back I walked back across the grass and managed to step on a completely hidden drain cover. It broke and my leg went completely through it. A small slip is what I thought, but after a few steps the sheer amount of blood made me think twice!

I hobbled back and shouted for the first aid kit, whch Rus was very quick in finding. I poured water over the wound and held some tissue on it to stop some of the bleeding whilst Rus searched for guaze and bandages in the huge first aid kit.

Once found I wacked on the guaze and used an entire bandage to hold everything in place which didnt even cover the whole injury. Was so deep and nasty but that managed to stop the bleeding.

Enough for me to speed off on a 3 hour drive to Belgrade.


We arrived at Belgrade and checked into the best hostel we’ve stayed at so far. Our adventure is always a massive talking point, so it’s easy to befriend everyone.

We showered and got ready for a night out. I had a second round of first aid, where I used alchol and fresh bandages again…. which turned out was still bleeding! OUCH!

The Bohemian District

We headed out to dinner in this area that was recommended by the staff at the hostel. The food was fantastic. Virutally every place we go, we always order whatever the waiter recommends, so we can try some new local cusiune. We had a huge platter of salad, breads and meats. Was EPIC. Mixed with however many beers we racked up. The entire meal came to around £30. Insane. Belgrade is incredibly cheap.

After the meal we walked past a bar where the entire hostel staff and guests were partying. Rus and Andy joined them, but my leg was in mild agony so I headed back.

The next morning after checking my wound I realised it had gotten worse, so decided a trip to the hospital might be wise.

However I was craving coffee and cake, so we went to find a cafe that did cake first. We sat in a popular square outdoors and enjoyed awesome coffee and local cake…. I think its a fact that every single girl in Serbia is super hot.

Whilst eating the cake I enjoyed the benefits of WiFi. Belgrade is not very touristy at all, so I used google translate for “I fell through a drain in the mountains and badly hurt my leg 🙁 I tried to fix it myself, please take a look”

Hospital Visit

I then hobbled into the hospital and presented the receptionist with my phone showing the trnaslated message. I few had gestures and zero communication in english, I was soon seen my a couple nurses and a doctor. They used some crazy solution that stung like hell and then used this weird glue to hold the wound together whilst I banged the desk in pain! Double the amount of bandages I used and a injection later I was good to go. Completely free, in-out in under 20 minutes. A better health system than England thats for sure.

We then walked around Belgrade and went to go visit the castle there. The views there were awesome, you could see way down the river and see over virtually the whole city. It’s huge!

In the evening we joined in for a Serbian language class at the hostel. We were taught:

  • Dobla Riba – Sexy chick
  • Uni Sesememe – Will you marry me
  • I podji Samnom – Lets go…

All we would need for a night out in what they called the gangster “Silicon Valley” district. Have a guess why its called that 😉

After food we eagerly headed over to what they described as awesome night life. We walked down the street this insane area was suppoesd to be on and kept passing quiet empty cafe/bars. We thought, surely it’s further up but turns out that was the area. So we sat down in a bar with only 2 women in and sipped beers. A few beers later we headed home.

Belgrade is supposed to be a party town?!! Even Brighton beats Belgrade in night life.