Tick Encephalitis And Rabies Vaccination Level 1

Tick Encephalitis

Tick Encephalitis Distribution

I’ve just taken a trip to the Sussex Travel Clinic to get the first of my tick encephalitis and Rabies vaccinations. Mongolia is a hot spot for tick encephalitis and we need 3 vaccinations to be immune! There has also been a recent case of a Rabies death in the UK from a tourist that went to India and was licked by a dog.

Rabies treatment is completely insane if you’re not vaccinated, usually requiring a blood transfer from someone that has previously been vaccinated, which if not screened properly carries a risk of Hep C and HIV, so it’s worth getting done. Tick Encephalitis is really easy to catch but not very fatal, however mucking around just isn’t worth it especially as not having vaccinations can often invalid medical / travel insurance!