Car Gear

Car Stuff

One of the guys I work with, also called Russ, is awesome at car things and plane things and has recommended a pretty comprehensive equipment list for us to take with us!

  • Fan belt x2
  • Spark plugs
  • Air filter x 2
  • Coil pack
  • Clutch cable (if car has it)
  • self amalagmating tape
  • exhaust paste
  • insulation tape
  • cable ties
  • tyre weld
  • rad weld
  • fuses 5 of each
  • bulbs set
  • extra headlight bulbs
  • wire
  • warning triangle
  • reflective jackets
  • tools
  • spark plugs spanner
  • cheap multi meter
  • pliers and cutters
  • mole grip
  • metric spanners
  • screwdriver set

As you can see from the picture, I think we’ve sorted it all. Russ swore that it would pack down in to a really tiny box .. I’m not so sure 🙂 I’ve no idea how to use any of it though, but in principle we’ve now got enough kit so that anyone that does know what they’re doing could help us and we can lend some to anyone in need!