One Does Not Simply Drive To Mongolia

I’ve just found the scrap piece of paper from 2 months ago with our proposed route on it! I’ll attach a photo of it later, in all it’s glory, for the sake of history, but here it is in all it’s glorious verbatim, typos include!


  1. Vienna
  2. Prague
  3. Budapest
  4. Slovenia
  5. Croatia
  6. Bosnia
  7. Montenegro
  8. Albania
  9. Macedonia
  10. Bulgaria
  11. Turkey
  12. Armenia
  13. Azerbaijan
  14. Turkmenistan
  15. Uzbekistan
  16. Kazakhstan
  17. Russia
  18. Mongolia

Our planned route has changed since then, I think we’re skipping Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, but hey, who knows what will happen on the day!!!