Mongol rally 2012 launch

After sorting all our stuff out this morning, and a last minute sleeping bag purchase we made it to Goodwood at about 11 am for the launch or the rally! It’s been non stop rain all day so driving was fun, the car will totally do 70 on the downhill but is a struggle on the flat.

After a couple of hours of watching Mongolian wrestling and dancing in the rain we kind of just wanted to get going. Finally 2pm kicked in and it was time to get going. As soon as we got in the car my iPhone bricked itself which is worrying, im hoping it gets better but I might be out of luck for the entire trip…..

As soon as we started the engine my dad noticed a high pitch whirr which was new, turns out we have a lose fan belt!

With a huge cacophony of sirens, horns and shouts the rally started and we joined the queue to drive around Goodwood race track! Andy took that as an opportunity to actually race and overtake people 😮

After the lap my dad showed us how cars work and fan belt things in case we get stuck! I’m thinking garage in Germany to get it looked at!

After actually leaving Goodwood we stopped off at a petrol station to add some air to the tires before finally heading over to the ferry terminal in Dover.