Doctors And Vaccinations

Mongol Rally VaccinationsWhat a week! I made a doctors appointment for Wednesday to sort out all the exciting vaccinations required for the trip! In my left arm I had a Tetnus jab (not very painful) and in my right arm I had a MMR jab (very painful). Fortunately I’d already had Twinrix a while ago and my vaccinations against Hep A and Hep B are in date! All done on the NHS so thankfully free!

We’re entering Mongolia during the peak time for Tick Encephalitis which is a swelling of the brain and doesn’t sound good at all. We will be camping during this time as well so basically we’re at maximum risk of it! The NHS don’t do this vaccine (but recommend it) so I’ve got to nip off to a private clinic within the next week or so and pay up about £60!

A Rabies vaccine was considered, but apparently at the end of the day it just means if you get bitten or infected you have to have a few less shots, so not usually worth it!

The southern coast of Turkey is a high risk Malaria area but the north coast, near the Dead Sea, isn’t and is more likely to be the road we take, so no Malaria vaccination has been given either!

Also as part of the EU I’ve applied for a new European Health Insurance Card as mine expired in August when we might still be there. Even though I have private health care from work and the recommended travel insurance the EHIC will let me get state health care in any EU country for either free or a discount, and it’s free to apply for so a no brainer!!