We made it to Prague last night and actually did some planning to mitigate the disaster the last 2 days have been 🙂 we ate at a local restaurant around 11pm, 3 courses of goulash, strudel and cabbage soup for about £5.50! Was really good! It’s been nothing but rain still so haven’t been able to do any busking yet.

Today we are going to find a mechanic to look at the fan belt, it’s sounding a lot better so it might have just been wet but it’s not worth the risk, and Ive found an iPhone repair shop so will see what they can do.. The screen just stays black and the camera light remains on forever!

The hotel we are in does a Swedish breakfast? So I’m going to have a shower and find out what that really means!

German autobahns arent all they are cracked up to be, we got 92mph out of the car, with the wind behind us on the downhill, but we spent 90% of the time crawling at 20, the areas with speed limits flowed a lot faster and there was less congestion over all, so don’t believe the hype, sure you can go fast but only for about 30 seconds!

I also managed to burn my back in the shower 😮

2 thoughts on “Prague

  1. Russ, if the fan belt is making that noise in the wet, it just means that it is a bit loose. All you have to do is tighten it, which will involve loosening a few bolts probably around the alternator, then pulling it all tight and doing up the bolts again.

    Dont leave it loose for long, cos it will break!

  2. See how many belts you have. Probably one or two which run your Alternator, water pump, and perhaps an emission pump if it has one. The prime one most likely runs the important stuff (Water Pump and Alternator). Base of the Alternator pivots on a bolt, and has a top clamping bolt. Just loosen that top bolt, and pull tension on that alternator (Preferably with some sort of bar, piece of wood, etc) and then re-tighten that top bolt. If the belt is squealing it is because it is Loose. Probably squeals more when it is cold since the rubber is not heated up, hence less grip on those pulleys. I hope you brought a few spare belts, as it is game over if you break one out in the middle of nowhere.

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