Jun 25

Amazing Flow Toys Donation

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I got to work today and there was a package waiting on my desk, all the way from America!

Amazing Package

Amazing Package

Unwrapping it was a lot of fun, double wrapped super strong white magical fabric paper, my tiger strength wasn’t working so I actually had to resort to scissors. Foiled by fabric!

Argh super strong white fabric material of the Gods!

The amazing people at flowtoys have donated us some glow staffs and glow poi! Legends. The plan is to take them with us on the trip and busk our way around half the planet to raise money for orphans.

Flowtoys staffs, poi and handles!!

Flowtoys staffs, poi and handles!!

As soon as it gets dark we’re going to take these babies out for a spin! :D

Team Ronin would like to say a very big thank you to Prisna and all the fantastic people at flowtoys!

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