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The Non Route

by in Mongol Rally Prep

10,000 miles, 20 countries, harsh deserts, treacherous mountains, bandits, bad roads and no roads. The Mongol Rally is about getting yourself in a ton of trouble then trying to get out of it. If nothing goes wrong, we’ve done it wrong!

Team Ronin Mongol Rally Non Route

Team Ronin Mongol Rally Non Route

There’s no set route for the Mongol Rally, it starts in Goodwood in the UK on Saturday 14th July 2012 as part of the Festival of Slow then there’s a party in Prague 2 days later, then we are on our own until we get to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, hopefully 4-5 weeks later!

Our plan is to take a southern route, a ferry to France, with a quick visit to Paris and the Eiffel Tower followed by Luxembourg then Germany where we will abuse their autobahns to the fullest to make as much time as possible before we then enter the Czech Republic and Prague for the Mongol Rally party!

From there we are on our own and intend to visit the beautiful Vienna in Austria, followed by Budapest in Hungary and Zagreb in Croatia, after a tour of the Croatian coast we will cross over Bosnia and Herzegovia, Montenegro and Serbia before we enter Bulgaria and cross over to the Black Sea!

After a quick dip in the Black Sea it’s in to Greece then Turkey and Istanbul! Heading along the south coast of the Black Sea its across to Georgia and the capital Tbilisi, before we enter Russia and visit Volgograd then Astrakhan before we cross the Kazakhstan border!

Heading along the North of the Caspian sea we will then visit Atyrau before seeing the fantastic Baikonur Cosmodrome on the coast of the Aral Sea! We will then make our way across the center of the country towards Astana before crossing the border at Pavlodar back in to Russia!

During our 2nd time in Russia we’ll be hitting up the city of Novosibirsk before crossing back down in to Mongolia and taking in some beautiful lakes and the amazing Khangai Nurru National park!

Then it’s a tiny hop to the capital, Ulaanbaatar and the Gorkhi Terelj National park for a few days of rest and relaxation, before we donate the car to charity, give the country a final wave, and fly back to the UK.

Where no doubt we will need another holiday to recover … ;)

The Route!

  1. England
  2. France
  3. Luxembourg
  4. Germany
  5. Czech Republic
  6. Slovakia
  7. Hungary
  8. Austria
  9. Slovenia
  10. Croatia
  11. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  12. Montenegro
  13. Kosovo
  14. Serbia
  15. Macedonia
  16. Bulgaria
  17. Turkey
  18. Georgia
  19. Russia
  20. Kazakhstan
  21. Russia
  22. Mongolia

21 countries in total as we enter Russia twice!


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