Jul 03

New French Breathalyzer Requirement For Tourists

by in Mongol Rally Prep

We have just learned that a new French Law has come in to affect requiring all cars, domestic and foreign driving in France to require “at least one” personal breathalyzer after July 1.

Apparently this has sent the price of them soaring in France. Whilst the stubborn Brit in me is like ‘nah, lets not bother and blag it’, after all the effort we’ve put in, me learning to drive, sorting out sponsors etc, it would seem stupid if we actually did get detained over such a trivial item!

The list of mandatory items to carry in your vehicle when driving in France is :

Driving License
Originals of Vehicle Insurance, Vehicle Registration (V5), Current MOT certificate
Hi-Viz Florescent Jacket or Vest
GB Sticker
Warning Triangle
Headlight beam deflectors

France doesn’t actually require a First Aid Kit, but Germany does!

So, other Rallyers, are you going to be taking a breathalyzer with you???

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  1. From Juliette:

    Haha my favourite post so far! Vive la France!

    Posted on July 21, 2012 at 5:37 pm #

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