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July 24, 2012

Mongol rally Czech out party 2012


At the Prague Czech out party there was an amazing fires how!

July 18, 2012

Czech Out 2012

The adventurists threw a cool party in a castle just outside of Prague, filling the place with bars, BBQs, bands and DJs until 2am. When that finished another DJ kicked off outside the castle until daylight but I was well asleep by then. The high light for me was definitely the fire show they out on!

Dan and I bought out the Flowtoys and fire poi and spent an hour spinning in front of the party.

When I woke up on the Tuesday I discovered one of my tent poles had snapped so now I’m on a mission to fix that…. Gonna gaffa tape a tent peg to it….

We drove through Slovakia, then Austria to get lunch. We found a pizza place and i randomly pointed to something on the menu, the. We realised we had no cash so had to bounce to a cash point. When we got back three of the largest pizzas were on the table and yet again I’d ordered a fish pizza. We couldnt finish them all so hit the road to hungary and found a hostel with other rally participants in the Center of Budapest.

In the evening we went to a bar, that I’ve forgotten the name of, which is probably the best bar I’ve been to in my life, so I should probably remember it….